How to Browse Around This Web-Site

browse around this website|browse around this website

How to Browse Around This Web-Site


When you visit a web-site, the first thing you probably want to do is browse around. There are two primary ways to browse around a web-site – the site map and the homepage. These two places are the best starting points for browsing. From there, you can use tools to move around the site as you like.

Common navigation methods

There are many different navigation methods on the web. One of the most common is the navigation bar, which is found on every page. It contains links to the top level pages of the site. It can also contain features such as a search bar, CTA, social media icons, and a shopping cart icon. Navigation bars are typically compact and sticky and may contain images and interactive components like sliders. Some websites also include both local and global navigation methods.

The various styles of web navigation differ between sites and categories. Some people prefer one style over another, while others use a combination of the two. The main purpose of a navigation bar is to help visitors find what they’re looking for.

Tools for browsing

There are several tools available to users who wish to explore a website. Among them are private browsing and incognito mode. Private browsing is a feature offered by major web browsers that erases the history of browsing sessions once you close the browser window. Incognito mode is also available for desktop versions of major browsers.