How to Make the Most of the Click to Read Button

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How to Make the Most of the Click to Read Button


The “Click to read” button is a great way to confirm your user’s intent when visiting a website. In addition to being easy to use, it is a powerful shortcut that allows you to quickly access a page’s most important information. Here are some tips to make the most of this feature.

Links tell you something about the page you’re about to visit

Links are text elements that tell you something about the page you’re going to visit. They are typically displayed within the browser window. They can be styled with CSS. A link can also be made from an HTML button by adding JavaScript code to the button. The target attribute specifies the document that should be linked. The href attribute must be an absolute URL.

A link can be made of text or images. The link text should have a distinctive look. It will usually be highlighted or blue in color.

Using the list of links shortcut

You can use a list of links shortcut to navigate the contents of a web page. If you have previously activated a link, the shortcut INSERT+F7 will display a list of links on the current page. Pressing INSERT+F7 will also bring up the list of recently visited links.

The first step to creating a shortcut is to define a name for it. The name will reference the URL. The shortcut URL will contain user input (you can use ‘%s’ to specify the place where the user input will be inserted). Once created, the shortcut will display the name and text of the link on the page it is used.

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