How to Write an Essay in English

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How to Write an Essay in English


Essays are written pieces of writing, with a specific word limit, which must be grammatically seamless and have a voice. Unlike other kinds of writing, essays require proper grammar and formatting. The goal of an essay is to convey a specific idea or opinion. Essays are also typically short, and are usually written in a clear, concise, and grammatically flawless style.

Essays are a form of writing

Essays are written short and contain specific information about a topic. They are often used in formal settings, including college and university courses. They are also used by universities to select students, and by humanities and social science departments to gauge student performance during final exams. Essays have also been adapted for other media, including video and photography. Film essays, for instance, are often documentary-style works; a photographic essay might cover a topic with a series of linked photographs and accompanying text.

They have a word limit

There is a set number of words that must be included in an essay, and it is important to know this limit in order to write a great essay. If you go over the word limit, you will be penalised, and some universities will even reduce the marks you receive for exceeding the limit.

They are grammatically seamless

English in the UK is similar to English in the US, but differs in a few key ways. The main differences are in slang and spelling. To combat these differences, use a tool such as EasyBib, which is programmed to detect over 200 types of language errors. It also features a plagiarism checker. Another option is GrammarCheck, which is fuss-free and used by companies like Twitter and Discovery.

They guarantee originality

In the UK, an essay written in English must meet strict standards for originality. This includes the Database Directive and the requirement for intellectual creation. Originality is also based on skill and labour. The UK courts have been interpreting “originality” under this directive for a while, but in the recent Meltwater judgment, the Court of Appeal changed its stance and found that the Infopaq judgment had little effect.

They are cheap

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