How to Use Reddit to Promote Your Writing

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How to Use Reddit to Promote Your Writing


As a reddit writer, you may have noticed that the community is incredibly supportive of the work you post. If you’re looking for critiques or feedback on your writing, reddit has plenty of them. In fact, Reddit hosts a weekly critique thread, where members of the community critique each other’s writing and offer valuable insight. However, you must be aware that these people are mostly strangers on the internet who are unlikely to be professional editors.

Reddit’s enthusiasm for reddit writer

The popularity of Reddit has made it a good place for authors to sell their books. One author, Travis Bughi, sold over 3,000 copies of his book, Beyond the Plains, during an AMA (Ask Me Anything) session on the Reddit writer forum. The AMA is a series of online interviews where users ask authors various questions. The most popular AMAs have included those by R.L. Stine, Dan Brown, Khaled Hosseini, and more.

Writing prompts on reddit

Using Reddit writing prompts is a great way to exercise your creative writing skills. It will stretch your imagination and challenge you to try different genres and styles of writing. Whether you’re working on a new novel or just want to add excitement to a current project, writing prompts can help you get the inspiration you need. Using these prompts will also help you develop a habit of writing.

Reddit’s /r/writingprompts thread features a variety of topics that redditors care about. Anyone can post a line or two to spark a story. Other topics like Something Awful, a news page that tackles anything you can think of, are also great sources of writing inspiration.

How to get critiques on reddit

If you’re new to writing, or you want to improve on your work, getting critiques from other writers can be extremely useful. These people are willing to spend a lot of time reading your work, so don’t be afraid to ask them for advice. Take criticisms constructively and work on making your writing better. You might discover that your critic was right all along, and you’ll be able to improve a lot.

To get constructive feedback, post your work in writing-related subreddits. The most active ones will typically respond to critique requests. Be sure to read the rules of each one before submitting your work. Some are free, while others may require a fee or subscription. Also, avoid “workshopping” your ideas or pieces, which are not really critiques.

Getting upvotes on reddit

Getting upvotes on Reddit is one of the best ways to promote your post. However, it is important to keep in mind that purchasing upvotes on Reddit can get you blocked by the Reddit administration. This will mean that you’ll lose the upvotes you have earned and any money you have spent on them. If you’re serious about promoting your posts on Reddit, there are a few things you can do to avoid being banned.

First, you can piggyback on trending content. When you find an article that has a lot of upvotes, you can reply to it and capitalize on the buzz. This way, your post will be seen by many Redditors.