Before using a website, make sure it is secure. Look for the Not secure icon. It means the site isn’t using a secure connection, such as HTTPS. If this happens, you can contact the site’s owner and request that it be secured using HTTPS. Then, you can use the site safely.

Better Business Bureau

The Better Business Bureau (BBB) is a useful resource that helps consumers learn about the reliability of a company. Its website provides a variety of search features, including the ability to search by name and by category. This can be helpful if you are looking for a particular type of service or are looking for the best-rated businesses in a specific category.

The BBB grades companies based on their performance in 13 areas and can award them up to 100 points. The bureau weighs many factors when determining a company’s rating, including the number of unresolved consumer complaints, whether the company has a long history in the business, and whether any government actions have been taken against it. The Better Business Bureau also tries to ensure that businesses follow ethical standards.

A membership with the Better Business Bureau gives you access to various benefits, such as dispute resolution services, which can prevent you from incurring expensive legal costs if a business fails to resolve a consumer complaint. It also offers educational webinars, newsletters, and online resources. As of May 2015, the BBB represents more than six million businesses in North America and 25,000 charities.


One of the best ways to protect your computer is to check out VirusTotal. This website has a number of features that help you identify malicious software. First, it gives you a rating that will show you if the file is harmful. Next, you can check out the detailed results. This will give you a list of different antivirus engines that the package was detected with.

VirusTotal also allows you to send it suspicious files, domains, and IP addresses to have it checked by its antivirus software. You can upload files to the website manually, or you can send the files through email. In addition, you can submit URLs and file attachment hashes so that VirusTotal can analyze them and report their findings.

VirusTotal has a free and a paid service. The free version is good for most people. You can scan multiple domains at once, or select individual domains to scan for malicious files. There is also a VirusTotal API that lets you add widgets that show the results of scans to Plesk Administrator’s home page.


If you want to check out phishing websites before you open them, PhishTank is a great place to start. This site offers a simple way to find phishing websites by using a search engine. It allows you to enter a valid email address to identify phishing emails. Its API is free and available to developers of security tools.

The service also provides users with a way to add suspected phishing sites to their database. It is easy to add new sites. It is also easy to find known phishing sites by visiting the homepage. You can even add phishing sites using the form that appears on the site’s homepage.

The database of phishing websites is updated hourly. Since its inception in January 2008, Phishtank has filtered out over seven thousand phishing websites. Its filtration process ensures the dataset is updated as quickly as possible. The service also reports phishing websites that have been taken offline.