Products & Solutions

Products & Solutions


At Itechgroup, the entire range of personal care products is within our manufacturing capabilities, from liquids to solids to creams, including hair care, skin care, body care, ethnic hair care and more. In both our manufacturing processes and the products we develop, we live a “green focus” philosophy of environmental stewardship. Our fully equipped laboratory facilities allow us to provide comprehensive formulation services, both to support expansion of product lines by existing customers and to assist startup businesses.

On the technological side, we provide VoIP Software.  VoIP Software is the industry’s most optimized and comprehensive software solution for implementing Voice over Packet terminals like IP Phones, VoWLAN (Voice Over Wireless LAN) handsets, Dual mode cellular handsets, ATAs (Analog Telephone Adaptor), SOHO gateways and other CPE devices on RISC processor architectures like ARM, MIPS, XSCale and OMAP.

The software suite includes most up-to-date SIP Signaling Stack, Algorithms for Voice Media Processing, Jitter Buffering, Call Control Manager, Media and System Frameworks, Application Layer, OS Abstraction Layer and all necessary software components required for VoIP clients. The solution is standards compliant and has been verified for interoperability with commercial SIP proxy servers and popular VoIP end point devices available in the market. We offer the best and highest quality products to ensure optimum success for your business and keep up-to-date on the newest and most advanced technologies and products.

Our processes and developments are sure to bring your business what it needs to succeed in a world that has gone 100% online as well as using technology in every realm.  Our team of experts will provide and educate you with the proper usage as well as technological advancements that will make your business operate with ease, organized and automatic updates that continue as the technological world continues to advance.  We promise you will be more than satisfied with our products and services and look forward to developing a long-lasting client relationship with you and your business.

Why to Choose us to solve your Problem?

The competition knows that if their breakthrough product is the first to the marketplace they will be in a significant advantage. Companies need companies such as Itechgroup that can bring their products to the marketplace efficiently and quickly. Let us develop your mission critical products so that you will be the leader.

  • Experts in Technology
  • Scientific and technology labs available
  • Contract Manufacture for personal care and health foods