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Declan, who is on this team, says he is hoping to investigate both the larger postholes and what is underneath the kiln, which is in the same area. Coinage, is an important archaeological artefact, especially as it can help date areas and layers of a site. This is true for all sites on which they are found, but is particularly very true of roman coins due to the size of the empire and its many eras.

beam coin news

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We’ve also continued to excavate this road and have found that the quality of construction improves as we excavate, confirming that the road quality declined overtime. Though the discoveries made during excavation will no doubt rewrite or support historical narratives, it would be inaccurate to see archaeology as simply support for the writings of Historians. One of the more obvious reasons for the usefulness of roman coins is the obverse side of the coin, which depicted the emperor of the time and their titles. This can be valuable for the dating of sites, as the names and reigns of these emperors are recorded within the historical record. They can also help to show change within the imperial household, such as change in imperial dress and hair, which can provide a useful insight into the possible outside influences on major Roman society. Here at the Royal Mint Museum we are fortunate to have a large collection of objects that bring the history of coin production to life.

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Comparing in the table below lets you find one with the features you want such as low fees, ease of use or 24-hour customer support. After a hard day’s work, the university excavation team retired to the River Ribble and Village Hall, and out came the evening crew. We were lucky enough to have the local Ribchester Cubs and Beavers come in and under the guidance of our experienced supervisor ‘Rusty’ AKA Adam, helped excavate the Thomas May trenches. With the archaeologists turning up finds left, right, and centre, our finds team has been working double-time to clean, catalogue, weigh, measure and photograph the finds from this year’s excavation.

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However, we’ve still got lots of books left so we’re extending the sale daily from 12noon until the end of the bank holiday weekend. Recently, much progress has been made in the trench including the discovery of what are believed to be three roman shoes.

  • As usual Thomas May and his trenches from 1908 are still wreaking havoc as Victorian material has been found in almost all areas.
  • Incidentally, they’re also the kind of objects our team of archaeologists possess.
  • The coins make a pleasing sound as they are sorted, although originally they would have been collected in bags under the machine and made very little noise.
  • On the left, Mjolnir the Legendary Mattock is pictured in the foreground.In the north of the trench we are targeting specific areas to answer our questions about the phasing of the fort.
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  • Team member Kelsie was kind enough to spare us a moment today and explain the plan for the wall/ramparts future.

Author: Turner Wright