xero terraflex reviews

The first, third and fifth are normal pass through design but the second and fourth are actually connected to the reflective instep and heel straps. Here are the laces and the shoe from a top view.

However, the mesh fabric can be prone to tearing if you run off-trail or in brushy environments. I tore a small strip on the inside of the foot on a stick that ran through the outer mesh, but not the moisture-wicking lining. retained earnings A couple of days later I stumbled upon a Facebook post fromXero Shoeswhich pricked my interest. Barefoot/Minimalist trail runners might work for a hiking shoe. But they’re over in the states and won’t have my size.

xero terraflex reviews

The tread consists of moderately aggressive lugs , but the ride was still very smooth even when walking and running on hard surfaces. Given the heavy snowfall we’ve experienced this winter, I ended up wearing them on several hikes with snowshoes, including an overnighter with a heavy pack. When the Terraflex shoes arrived, I started out by wearing them around town, just to see what they felt like on sidewalks and in the house. The Xero Shoes Terraflex should interest both trail runners and ultralight hikers looking for a true minimalist shoe option for rugged terrain.

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There are all these people, of course, walking around in flip flops and things. I’m so happy that I’ve got my trail shoes on, because there have been some pretty hairy steps, very off-road, rocky-type steps, very slippery some of them. [In case you prefer minimalist hiking boots, Xero Shoes does those too.

As a fan of both minimalist and zero drop shoes, I really liked these. They are designed for trails and OCR but, like a good tester, I also tried them for things assets = liabilities + equity they weren’t built for. I found running on roads in these shoes uncomfortable and actually ended up running the grass next to the sidewalk for those portions.

Just chatted with their UK sales rep, who turned out to be Lee Saxby’s wife. For anyone who doesn’t know, Lee is a highly reputed expert on natural running and walking mechanics.

xero terraflex reviews

These are the most comfortable shoes I’ve ever worn so I got a pair of Prios and Z trail sandals too. I haven’t tried them on the trail yet so I can’t comment on how well they handle rugged terrain. The TerraFlex fits like the Prio, and has a wider toe box than conventional men’s shoes. If your feet are particularly narrow, consider the Women’s TerraFlex. If Xero Shoes added some stickier lugs on the toe and heel area I wouldn’t have an issue at all. Sure, the flexibility of the shoe allows my feet to conform to whatever obstacle I tread, and that feeling of stability is nice. Sheer downhill angles on rock are still a major issue because stability doesn’t matter if you’re sliding like I was.

We finished this short trip with a much steeper uphill climb out of the valley. The climb was a starkly different test of the TerraFlex shoes, as grip was at a premium. The XeroShoes did well on the hike out of the valley, only slipping a bit on the steepest and most thoroughly leaf covered section of the trail.

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So it makes sense that wearing a minimal shoe with a zero drop should feel more comfortable to us. If I was designing a shoe, I too would start from this very basis of thought. As I said above, I would choose this shoe for running in the desert, which, for me, is often a springtime activity. And in my mind, the natural running style that requires a reactive running gait contributes to increased strength in the feet and ankles (so long as you don’t overdo it and get injured).

They have so much flex in them, allowing full movement of your feet when navigating the trails. In terms of dexterity, so long as I am intentional with my running gait and where and how I am placing my feet as I run, the Mesa Trail can handle most terrain well . Where I found them to be lacking was in rock scrambling environments. The rubber on the outsole was less grippy than I would have liked in these scenarios, and even fully cinched down on my foot, I just didn’t feel stable on prolonged rock scrambles.

xero terraflex reviews

Third roomy toe box, but deep from top to bottom. Deepness takes getting used to on my narrow, low volume foot. The laces are descent, but for whatever reason I’ve had instances of them coming untied repeatedly. Normally wear a size 13, based on online recommendations I went up a size to a 14. The toe bumper is not intended for hiking terrain. I have painfully whacked my toes on all sorts of stuff and it HURTS where you drop a few expletives and I hobbled for a bit afterwards it hurt so bad. You feel every trail imperfection under foot and maybe that’s the way a minimalist shoe is intended.

This would be the hike to The Walls of Jericho in northeastern Alabama. On this trip the high was around 85 F and it was very humid. There was a lot of thunder during the afternoon but the worst stayed away, with only a few light showers and a welcomed cooling breeze as a result. The elevation on the trip was between 700 and 1700 ft .

This footwear brand is anything but limited when it comes to ‘comfort innovation,’ as most of their designs feature upgrades like Barefoam soles and elevated ankle holes. No more complaining about raw blisters, sore toes, or abrasive bunions. Like most sneakers and sandals, Xero Shoes may stretch out over time. Materials like leather or canvas tend to wear out after repeated use. We only found a few customers that noted fit issues with their designs, but it’s really nothing to worry about. The Cloud – Men’s Barefoot Sandal is designed to be close to the ground to ensure that shoeless feel. Made with Barefoam inserts, grip treads, and a lace-up tensioning system, these slippers are definitely an upgrade from your regular flip-flops.

Like the Prio, the Terraflec has a FeelTrue® rubber sole. There also is a removable 2mm sock liner and while on the subject, no socks are needed with the shoes. As seen above, the soles feature lugs which provided great grip across both wet, sandy, rocky and muddy terrain. I was really impressed by this, and they seemed to be able to handle even the toughest trail and steepest ascent and descent on my hiking travels. While some US retailers do stock Xero Shoes, being in the UK I had no choice but to buy online.

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I am very impressed with the flex that the Xero Terraflex outsole has. You can literally roll this shoe up into a ball and it will flex back into shape afterwards. Having flex like this gives your feet the freedom to move in their natural and full range of motion as you run. When you run with a zero drop shoe for the first time, you will probably notice that your feet appear to be slapping on the ground. This is because all through life, you’re brain has been trained to account for that elevated heel which is built into so many shoes on the market.

The laces are pretty big but due to my high arches are barely long enough. I have this problem with many shoes and often omit lacing the shoe all the way to the top. I’ll have to see how I address this after wearing these shoes a few times.

  • Granted these shoes were not designed for roads, but if you were looking for a shoe that transitions well from trail to road and vice versa, I would go with something else.
  • I’ve done long alpine walks in this kind of minimal footwear, and my feet got a bit bruised.
  • These features work in tandem to ensure comfort, freedom, and flexibility.
  • It exudes strength while also allowing your feet to move freely…Great for hiking, biking, and camping.
  • Part of this is due to the thinness of the midsole , which I’ll get into more below, but the Mesa’s light weight definitely adds to the slipper-like feel as well.

Much better than the Innov-8´s I have experience from. As I said, he’s recommending a half-way house between a fully minimal shoe and a standard trail shoe. With the present market, the best way to achieve this is probably to add protective inserts to an existing minimal shoe.

For most running situations, I prefer to run in breathable (non-waterproof) running shoes. If your feet get wet, then a breathable shoe will let the bulk of the water pass through and any remaining will dry quickly. The Xero Terraflex is a very minimal shoe with the goal of helping you run as naturally as possible. Let’s face it, the human body has gone through so many generations of evolution over thousands of years. Most of this evolution occurred during a time when we weren’t even wearing shoes.

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They’re advertised as a hiking shoe and that’s what I’ve been using them for. I have at least 20+ miles on them hiking mixed terrain from mountains to gravel roads, grassy meadows, sandy and wet trails.

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Whatever rubber compound Xero Shoes uses is especially durable as well. My TerraFlex have seen six months of regular use on packed dirt trails, roads, and one backpacking trip and are holding up well.

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As for feeling rocks and roots through the sole of the shoe, I would say that some of xero terraflex reviews this is not a bad thing. You will definitely feel more connected to the surface.

This is reinforced with welded overlays around the middle of the foot that provide a bit of extra durability and support. Around the toe is a slightly stiffer band of rubber and foam to add a little protection if you are prone to stubbing your feet on rocks, roots, etc. While the only way to know how a shoe will fit your particular foot shape is to go try it on, I’ll provide some general context on my experience with the Mesa Trail’s fit. For reference, my foot is not particularly wide or narrow, the height of my arches is fairly average , and I tend to enjoy shoes with a wider toe box.

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The company Xero Shoes has become a player in the minimalist shoe arena with their line of adventure shoes, everyday shoes, and sandals. The Xero TerraFlex is described as a high performance, true minimalist trail running and hiking shoe. As with all Xero Shoes it is a zero-drop shoe, or as they call it Xero-drop shoe.

It’s light enough to run in and tough enough to hike all day in. Its soft upper and low to the ground construction still gives the flexibility and sensory feedback that many minimalist runners and hikers crave. For anyone who hasn’t worn minimalist shoes before, I’d recommend slowly transitioning into them—increasing the amount you wear them over time. So overall, the Terraflex is an ideal shoe for hikers and trail runners. It got a great grip, really comfortable and gives you that sensory, close to the earth experience. One of the biggest differences between the TerraFlex and its predecessor, the Prio, is the aggressive tread and lugs on the bottom of the shoe.

Author: Elisabeth Waldon