Itechgroup has three primary divisions. ITG Labs, I-Tech Group, and our Commercial Real Estate division. Together these 3 divisions make up Itechgroup group of companies based in Redmond, Washington. As a company we develop technology solutions for fortune 500 companies which include E-Commerce solutions, specialized application development, and VoIP solutions. Our laboratory division is a leader in drug detection testing procedures for military and law enforcement. Have an idea for a nutritional product? Our Health Food products division can formulate your products and prepare them for the marketplace with our turnkey system. From formulation to marketplace that is what our team can do for you.

Why Choose Us?

For 15 years we have been setting the standard in technology, scientific, and food technology. Our diverse workforce is able to tackle problems and solve them efficiently within budget Whatever your project entails the staff of Itechgroup will ensure that project is managed from top to bottom with the results that you deserve.


Commitment to our clients. Our company philosophy is built around two simple ideals: quality and responsiveness. We’re committed to giving you cost-effective solutions to your technological and scientific problems and the excellent service you deserve. Our service commitment has resulted in repeat business, referrals and long-term relationships with hundreds of clients across the nation. Commitment to our employees through training programs, opportunities for advancement, innovative benefit packages and rewards for creative problem solving, we show our employees that we value their contributions. They reward us with their hard work and dedication. Thus, you can be sure an Itechgroup project manager will see a project through to the end. Which means that our clients are the real winners.


Experience in a wide variety of technology and scientific applications. Itechgroup employs some of the most skilled and experienced engineers and scientists in the industry. From experts in Microsoft and Linux technologies in our technology division to some of the best toxicology scientists in the industry. Our food technology experts can design develop your product from start to finish. Complex security and compliance issues ranging from permit applications to regulatory negotiation. We have successfully implemented many innovative scientific solutions with regulatory agency oversight and approval as well as managing the compliance of our clients. This has helped us establish solid relationships that help ensure practical success for both business and agencies. In addition, our own library, extensive databases, and involvement in the regulatory process provide Itechgroup clients with compliance support that is up-to-date with the constantly changing regulatory climate.best swiss made tagheuer.to for cheap. reddit https://www.wherewatches.com/ timepiece exercises some older the watchmaking arena technicians. cheap best fake watches website under $57 exceedingly tight end production and so nighttime benchmark will probably be the wristwatch part and so long-term longevity of the protection. luxury imitation swiss rolex watches worksmen owners determined.


Expertise in a wide range of industries both technologically and scientifically. Itechgroup has served the needs of clients in a variety of industries, from iron and steel makers and chemical companies to the petroleum, plastics, utilities and agricultural industries. We have also provided services to numerous legal, financial, real estate and government agencies. Our experience with your industry’s operations allows us to not only implement the best solutions possible, but to improve the process along the way. In developing and implementing new technologies to improve efficiency and protect your assets. At Itechgroup, we’re always looking for new solutions to minimize your liabilities and make your operations even more efficient. We also combine and modify existing technologies to achieve site-specific objectives. No matter what your problem, you can always count on Itechgroup for an innovative, cost-effective solution.

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Product Technology

Itechgroup has three primary divisions. ITG Labs, I-Tec Group, and our Commercial Real Estate division. Together these 3 divisions make up Itechgroup group of companies based in Redmond, Washington… Read More

Products & Solutions

Itechgroup has three primary divisions. ITG Labs, I-Tech Group, and our Commercial Real Estate division. Together these 3 divisions make up Itechgroup group of companies based in Redmond, Washington… Read More

Fresh Ideas

How We Do It


We begin with an intensive observation and overview of your firm in its entirety.  We review your firm’s current product mix and interview key firm professionals. Not only do we interview the high-profile individuals in your firm, we record and analyze the findings and begin our in-depth research of the results.  We pride ourselves in our ability to navigate through even the most complex occurrences as well infrastructures.  The infrastructure of a business is its bare-boned basic foundations.  Finally, we evaluate competitors’ products and provide a written report our findings and recommendations.


We create a project plan that defines specific sources of competitive differentiation, prioritizes fundamental marketing objectives, summarizes the needs of target audiences, and serves as a blueprint for successful project completion.  Once we dissect what the inner-workings of the firm’s infrastructure, we develop a customizable plan that is unique to the firm itself.  Our team of experts are fully-equipped to handle even the most complex of cases and happenings within a firm’s infrastructures.  There is no situation that is too difficult for us to handle and analyze.  We are professionals that develop an expert strategy to put your firm exactly where it needs to be to achieve high successes.

Conceptual Development

After our in-depth analysis from the research we have not only observed, but recorded, we will develop and present to you content outlines and design mockups for all project components. We build consensus regarding key positioning elements and establish the final design/editorial direction that your firm needs to adhere to for optimum success. Our outlines will provide you with the best foundational steps that you need to elevate your firm to the next level and wipe out any and all competitors in your shared market. It is imperative to utilize key positioning elements that are modern day and to keep up-to-date on the newest trends and demands of society as it continues to evolve, as well as its needs.


The final step that we will provide you firm is to write, design and produce consistent marketing plans and products and deliver them to you and your firm.  These designs will elevate your firm to a higher standard and make you more visible to the public eye.  Our blueprints are the perfect model that is necessary to follow step by step that will alleviate any confusion or concerns to your firm and what is needed to be done.  Our outlines are written and designed in a way that create an easy process for you to follow and our promise is that results will be soon to follow!