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Contract Manufacture your Nutritional Supplements with the Experts

ITG Labs is the premier choice when it comes to finding a source for contract manufacturing your nutritional supplements. Our business model is surrounded by excellence and can help provide you with products and client service that will allow you to be a master player in the supplement industry. From our chemists and product development specialists to our expert packaging designers, we can not only be the solution to contract manufacturing your own unique nutritional supplement, but also work with you to create labels and product packaging to truly maximize your product’s revenue potential. Get your product off the drawing board and onto the shelves for retail — achieve the return on your investment that you desire and Request a Quote today.

ITG Labs Labs offers both full and rapid service when it comes to contract manufacturing your nutritional supplements. Since we work with a massive inventory of raw materials at our GMP certified factory, it allows us to get your product created and tested quickly so that you can receive your product faster. ITG Labs also takes pride in accommodating our clients better than any of our competitors. Our knowledgeable and experienced representatives are eager to build relationships with clients and lead them to their long term success.

We specialize in:

  • Capsule Manufacturing
  • Liquid Manufacture
  • Powder Manufacturing
  • Cream Manufacturing
  • Tablet Manufacturing
Capsule Manufacturing – ITG Labs utilizes semi-automatic and fully automatic lab equipment that cannot be beaten by other labs. Our lab manufactures a variety of different types of capsules for all your needs. From vegetable capsules to the traditional gelatin-based capsules, we have it all for you!

Liquid Manufacturing – The process of our lab’s liquid manufacturing is quite complex, but is sure to satisfy your needs. We begin with the addition of the specified materials followed by the mixing, filtration of its contents and finally, filling the bottle of your selection. We ensure proper viscosity as well as the correct volume in measurement.

Powder Manufacturing – Our lab begins with the specific premix based on your powder needs followed by the heating of said premix until the formula can be kneaded and fully mixed. Next, the paste that has been created will be splayed into tiny pieces, or a powder, and packaged as the client requests.

Cream Manufacturing – Manufacturing any type of cream comes with the need of experts, for it is quite complex and a very sensitive process. Only the best equipment can be utilized in this tedious process, and our labs have the best ability to emulsify the active ingredients, whether be water based or not, followed by a stabilization process and ending with thickening properties and colors, if needed. After the product cools, our equipment places the cream in the bottling of your preference.

Tablet Manufacturing – Tablet manufacturing begins with dispensing the necessary ingredients and chemicals whilst sizing the portions, blending the powders that are created, granulation, a specific drying process, and finally, extreme compression into the form of a tablet or a pill.

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ITG Labs - Nutritional Supplement and Vitamin Contract Manufacture