Drug Detection

Drug Detection Kits

The chemistry of the reagents found in these tests is of the same type relied upon by forensic chemists in laboratories to detect and identify illicit drugs & controlled substances. We have placed these reagents in better, more accessible packages that allow them to be more easily and safely used in the field by law enforcement officers. The chemistry inside remains unchanged. We utilize standardized, stable, and court supported reagent systems. Any and all modifications to the tests and and/or package developments were tested, evaluated & performed under the close supervision of L.J. Scott, inventor of the Scott Cocaine Reagent and a DEA-experienced forensic chemist.

Our kits even have a specific science that can detect any and all residue that may not be able to be seen with the naked eye.  If the drug was involved, even if wiped clean, our kits will detect it!  Our kits are the best of the best investigatory instrument on the market.  Determining the subject’s recent drug history puts the people in charge in more control of a situation that can turn detrimental and even dangerous.  Collecting a small sample, whether it be blood, urine, hair, etc., our products are sure to give you the results that you seek.  Our drug detection kit will spot if there is any trace of a variety of substances, including methamphetamine, oxycodone, heroin, a multitude of opiates, marijuana, etc.

Detection Kits that military and law enforcement across the globe rely on.

Drug Detection Kits are an absolute necessity in order to link evidence to a specific person.  They can be used to solve crimes, assist in legal and criminal trials as well as bring people peace of mind through proof of accountability. Drug detection kits can be used in a variety of fields for endless possibilities of finding out the truth that we all seek.  Security agencies, private homes and workplaces, HR departments in a corporate realm, law enforcement and their attributed agencies, military personnel and even schools can utilize as well as benefit from drug detection kits.  They are also used to keep work environments safe from drugs. Though the incredible accuracy of the testing kits, it is subjective contingent upon the composition of the substance being tested.  We certify our test kits to be no less than 99% accurate, a statistic that our competitors cannot and will not beat. To date, there is no colorimetric drug test kit (suitable for field use) produced by any manufacturer that is completely 100% accurate and immune from either inconclusive or false positive readings, yet our drug detection kits prove to be the most accurate on the market today.

  • We certify our test kits to be no less than 99% accurate
  • Colorimetric Field Tests for easy reading
  • Designed to be used in a variety of fields for instant identification

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